Mothers for Middletown Green CC:  Mother’s Day Concert

We have come together to upgrade our community center on the North End, located at 51 Green Street.  It has served us and our children for years.  However, due to expenses, the local university decided to close it down.  So now our community has nothing.  But we refuse to sit on our hands and be victims.  We have come together with local community leaders and grassroots volunteers to restructure the future for our children and yours.  JOIN US!

We are tired of hearing from our city officials that there are no funds for low-income mothers and our children.  The funds being used to purchase military hardware and new cruisers for our police can better be used to build up our community.  We want to include veterans and seniors in our center.  There are always funds for courthouses and salaries for judges to evict us from our homes, but there’s never enough to keep us safe and warm in our community.

We are tired of hearing there are no funds for our children’s health.  So they get sick much too young with diabetes, asthma and lead poisoning.  After Flint, Michigan, people across America are afraid to drink the water.  Imagine that!  Afraid to drink our own water!

We’ve had more than enough, so we’ve joined together with our local grassroots community leaders and university students to keep our community center open, and to rename it the Middletown Green Community Center.

With your help, there will be enough funds to give our children a better future, jobs and the knowledge to keep themselves healthy.

Join us on Mother’s Day in Brooklyn (Sunday, May 13 at 7pm at BAM) to raise funds to give our children, and yours, a brighter future.  If you can’t attend our concert, please make a donation at our ticketing site (click the button below).

Join Dar Williams, a mother who is generously donating her wonderful voice for us, as she helps raise money for our new and improved Middletown Green Community Center.

Tanjah Thompson and Shanay Fulton