Life Discoveries:  A free summer program from Middletown Green

FREE for all children

Description:  6-session program—Health (2), Technology (2), Arts (2)

Dates:  Saturdays:  July 13, 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17            Times:  1pm to 3pm

Location:  Activity Room, Russell Library, 123 Broad St., Middletown, CT

Ages:  7 to 12 years old:  children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

“Life Discoveries” is a new hands-on program created by the Middletown Green Community Center, hosted by Russell Library.  Children learn best through focused experimentation.  Our program gives children the opportunity to discover how the modern world works and how their imaginations and skills can improve it.

July 13—HEALTH, “Food,” led by Dr. Mike Kalinowski and Rachel Hedrick

July 20—ARTS, “Finding Your Voice,” led by Banning Eyre and Jeff Hush

July 27—TECHNOLOGY, “Solar and Wind Power,” led by Judy Kalinowski

August 3—HEALTH, “Movement,” led by Jeff Hush and Dr. Mike Kalinowski

August 10—TECHNOLOGY, “Coding and Digital Design,” led by Prof. Chris Chenier and Sandra Gordon

August 17—ARTS, “The Cypher and Visual Communication,” led by Maria Louise and Nekita Waller

Our MGCC teachers are leaders in their fields and include physicians, chefs, martial artists, historians, singers, radio producers, and digital design professors.  We have come together from three different spheres—health, technology and the arts—but the mission of our community movement is simple:  help all children experience joy and success.  All American children deserve lucrative, exciting and sustainable careers.  We open up paths so they can move forward and discover their own powers.

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