Our Mission

Middletown Green Community Center (MGCC)

VISION: To create a grass-roots, community-driven learning center in Middletown that focuses on
information technology, healthy living, and the arts.

MISSION: Improve the lives of the under-served people and families in Middletown and the surrounding
towns by developing high-tech skills, instilling healthy lifestyles in all ages, and training in the arts.


Our Story

The Green Street Task Force, an independent grassroots group in Middletown, comprising many organizations and their leaders, held its first meeting in NEAT's office on October 31, 2017.  Since then GSTF has created and approved a proposal for taking over 51 Green Street, when it closes on June 30, 2018.  The proposal is available here.  Jeff Hush is the Chair of GSTF and the other leading members are listed on the proposal.