Sunday, May 13th fundraising concert for MGCC

Enjoy a vibrant evening of live music performed by Dar Williams in the intimate Fishman Space at BAM. Your ticket purchase will help to raise essential funds for the development of the Middletown Green Community Center.

Tickets start at $50! Or, become a Friend Level supporter to join Dar at a special reception prior to the concert! Sponsorship packages are also available. If you cannot attend, there is also a donation button on the ticketing site.

Funds raised at the concert will support the launch of the new Middletown Green Community Center (MGCC), an extraordinary collaboration between Wesleyan University alumni and community leaders in Middletown, CT. MGCC will be a grassroots learning, career building and innovation hub providing vital programs in technology, health and the arts for under-served students and adults.

Join us and help our community thrive and prosper. Your support will make this dream a reality for the low-income residents of Middletown, CT. For our future to be sustainable, we need to work together.


Our Dar Williams benefit concert on Sunday May 13 at 7pm at BAM will be livestreamed.
Bring your mother or be a mother or just contemplate motherhood and join us all in celebrating the Power of Women on Mother's Day.  Here's the link to watch Dar's concert:
Dar’s Mother’s Day livestreaming link:
Please donate to our movement and help the Mothers of Middletown and their children keep their community center.  Here is the button for donations.

Next Steps...

Come to our concert.

If you cannot come to the concert, but want to support us, please use the donation option at the bottom of the ticketing site.

Join our movement.

Letter for Dar Williams (’89) Fundraiser for MGCC:  

May 13, 2018 at BAM

Dar Williams and I invite you to our first benefit concert together on Sunday, May 13 at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).  This is our first push to launch an extraordinary collaboration between Wesleyan alumni and community leaders in Middletown, CT:  the Middletown Green Community Center (MGCC).  500 alumni signed, in January, a letter from Dar supporting our project.  Your support will make this dream a reality for all the low-income residents of Middletown:  a gathering of people of color, children, immigrants, and our elders.

Remember that 35% of the population of Middletown, like that of Connecticut as a whole, is near or below the poverty level, and any disruption in life—disease, eviction, a car that breaks down, incarceration—causes havoc.  So much support is needed to overcome the wealth and educational achievement gaps that plague our communities.  This means helping people build skills and career training in our three interlocking fields:  health, technology and the arts.  This is where we can get funding, from various sources including corporations, because this is where the most innovative, numerous and lucrative jobs will be.  Low-income people need a way to compete for these jobs, and the training needs to start young.

We are starting up the Middletown Green Community Center as a grassroots learning, career building and innovation hub.  We are creating a nexus of health, technology and the arts, because we recognize that all these three spheres work together to build a vibrant community.  There’s a lot of discussion now about adding an “A” into “STEM”—meaning that the arts and design are again relevant to our engineering and technology future, and this is key to our vision.

Our center is rising out of the ashes of the closing Green Street Arts Center, run by Wesleyan University for 14 years.  A grand coalition of community partners has come together—from Wesleyan alumni, students, faculty and staff, to librarians, activists and local business and civic leaders, landlords, artists and organic farmers—with one goal:  to give low-income people a way forward in an America increasingly addicted to greed and violence and isolation.

Middletown Green Community Center is a gathering of progressive partners who believe that we all must stand together to create intersections between health, technology and the arts.

Join us and help our small city thrive and prosper.  For our future to be sustainable, we need to work together.  We can’t leave 35% of our population—and half of our children—behind.


Jeff Hush (’84)

Founder, MGCC